Official Business

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of meetings of the High Bar Harbor Yacht Club Condominuim Association will be posted on this website. These postings are intended for the use of HBHYC slip owners and are therefore password protected. Please contact the office for access to the this area of the website. Click here for meeting minutes.

HBHYC Governing Documents

These governing documents consist of the Master Deed, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and the amendments to all of the foregoing. The term "Master Deed" is also used to refer to all of these documents collectively. Also provided here is the original IRS Letter of Determination establishing the Association's status under the tax code.

NOTE: While every reasonable attempt will be made to keep the governing documents of High Bar Harbor Condominium Association, Inc. provided here complete, accurate and up to date, they are not certified copies. In all cases, the documents as recorded by the Ocean County Clerk will control.

Click here to view and/or download the complete set of governing documents of High Bar Harbor Condominium Association, Inc.

Report on Dock System

In January 2007, Technomarine® — the designers and builders of the HBHYC floating dock system — performed an on-site inspection of the docks and breakwater. Please note that some of the work referred to in the report has already been completed, while other items are in progress or are being planned. The report containing their findings and recommendations can be downloaded here.

Paperwork and Procedures

Please review the following information regarding Yacht Club procedures. Please contact the marina office directly with any issues or questions regarding billing, rental, sales etc.

Slip Sales

For owners interested in selling their slip, please note the sale of a slip is a direct purchase between you and your buyer. High Bar Harbor Yacht Club, as a free service to our members, will post slip re-sales on the bulletin board and on this web site, as well as maintain a list of buyers to contact. If you are interested in purchasing a slip please contact the office.

High Bar Harbor will only collect fees as required in the by-laws. The by-laws of the condominium association require that a capital contribution fee equal to 1/6 of the yearly condo fee be paid to the Association each time a slip transfers title. The Capital Contribution fee is to be paid by the buyer and disbursed at settlement.

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Slip Rentals

Slip owners who are interested in leasing their slips must complete a Slip Listing Agreement. Tenants are required to complete a written lease agreement which, among other things, acknowledges that they agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations specified in the Master Deed of the Association. For seasonal leases, the tenant will be charged the applicable Associate Membership Fee which will be calculated in accordance with the Slip Listing Agreement. For transient rentals, 30% of the rental contract is paid to HBHYC. Information on leasing will be mailed during the fall for the following year.

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Certificate of Insurance

The office must have an updated certificate of insurance every time you renew your insurance policy. Please provide the office with a copy of your insurance.

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Vessel Keys or Combinations

All vessel owners must provide the office with a set of keys or the combination to any locks and alarm systems.

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Extended Cruise

In order to insure the safety of you and your vessel, please notify the office if you are planning to leave the marina for more than 3 days. In your absence, if you would like your slip used for transients, notify the HBHYC office.

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If you are hiring a contractor to do work on your vessel, please inform the contractor to sign in at the office and have a certificate of insurance available.

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